Kaos Moon - Shaman Rising: The Complete Collection

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Into the Burning Circle

Kaos Moon: Into the Burning Circle is an occult collectible card game. A long time ago, the mountains of Siberia were ruled by clans of powerful Shamans. Three of them. Varg, Shrasa and Kaos Moon are still alive in spirit form and are locked in a deadly battle for revenge. Their link to the real world is the Russian medium Katja Zakkov and her brother Jules. Help them defend our reality from Shamans, mythological creatures and ancient gods.


The Kaos Moon: Into the Burning Circle occult, fantasy NFT CCG gamefi project on WAX/Polygon

  • Trading Card Game in the vein of Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering
  • Full color hardcover graphic novels and webtoons
  • Anime streaming shows
  • NFT collections
  • In-game token $KAOS
  • Integration though the enDAPP

KAOS MOON: Into the Burning Circle Starter Set

The Starter Set of 86 cards with two extensions, the Halloween and Pagan Holiday boxes are available now. These cards will all be part of the upcoming card game.

Additionally, we published three sets of the collectible Kaos Moon Classic Collection.

  • Starter Set (86 cards)
  • Halloween Box (7 cards)
  • Pagan Holday Box (7 Cards)
  • Kaos Moon Classic Collection Vol. 1 (15 collectible cards)
  • Kaos Moon Classic Collection Vol. 2 (15 collectible cards)
  • Kaos Moon Classic Collection Vol. 3 (23 collectible cards)

The Starter Set features four types of rarities on the Legendary cards: Gate, Gold, Silver and Mystic, as well as three levels in the expansion sets: Demon, Phantom and Apparition. These cards will have special privileges in the game depending on their status.

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Kaos Moon History:

Kaos Moon war originally conceived by creator David Boller in the fall of 1995. By 1996 short stories were published in Switzerland in Ink Magazine as well as the German Heavy Metal. In the USA a four-issue mini-series was published by Caliber Press and became an instant fan favorite, winning an Russ Mannning Award Nomination for creator David Boller. Caliber published four issues that were also collected into two Graphic Novels in Germany’s Alpha Comics under their “Heavy Metal presents…” Label.

Unfortunately both Caliber Press and Alpha Comics folded in 1998 and only two more short stories were published by Avatar Press in 1999. Kaos Moon: Shaman Rising was the first major storyline to be released.

Kaos Moon is currently experiencing a renaissance with the upcoming release of the first full color graphic novel collection and the launch of the Kaos Moon: Into the Burning Circle crypto card game.


The Kaos Moon Starter Set of animated NFT cards is available now!

Check out some of the beautifully animated sample cards below. NFTs can currently be traded on the WAX blockchain.  

You can trade, buy and sell the KAOS MOON NFTs on the following WAX marketplaces:

Kaos Moon NFTs and the CCG will be supported on the following chains: