Memento Mori

Vampire Soulslike RGP Game

Kai, a royal and very old vampire, must rescue his made-vampire consort Cirice from the clutches of Necrocorvo at Frosthaven Castle and get enough blood to sustain himself. The game is using cutting edge blockchain technology in combination with a story-driven, single-player RPG, elements of DeFi and visual novels.

Immortal Coil NFT Founder Edition

Claim your Immortal Coil Founder Edition NFTs to play the Immortal Coil Games and read the Webtoons. Get the MONSTER HUNT NFTs with $BLOOD to boost your Vampires power and gain more $BLOOD.

Get the following features and utilities:

  • Play the Monster Hunt Defi Game

    Use various monsters to boost the powers of your vampire and earn $BLOOD tokens in the BLood Hunt and Crypt DeFi games.

  • Play the Memento Mori RPG

    Get rewards for missions and quests successfully accomplished in the Memento Mori RPG and trade tokens for in-game NFTs.

  • Win Webtoon Reward NFTs

    Use the tokens to participate in the anime and webtoons and get rewarded for each correctly answered question.

Memento Mori RPG Features

  • Third person, single player RGP

  • Quests and Achievements

  • Select races and customize classes

  • Shapeshifting and teleporting

  • Shapeshifting, teleporting and weather system

  • Crafting and inventory

  • Dynamic cut-scenes

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