The Girls of Bunnvale University features the daily adventures of five hot college girls at the fictional Bunnvale University in California.

Follow Sierra, Erin, Madison, Tamika and Kimi as they deal with daily college life, such as attending parties, hanging out at the beach and sometimes, but only sometimes, even studying in their beach house dorm rooms. 



The Girls of Bunnvale University is an NFT Dating Sim project on WAX/BNB:

  • Crypto Dating Sim in the vein of Anime Visual Novels
  • Full color pin-up artbook and webtoons
  • NFT collections
  • In-game token $BVU
  • Integration though the enDAPPDatin

THE GIRLS OF BUNNVALE NFTs for the upcoming Dating Sim:

Several series of collectible NFTs, either as singles or packs, are currently being published on the WAX blockchain. Those NFTs will be able to interact with the girls in the upcoming dating sim game.

  • Intro Set (5 cards in various rarities)
  • Independence Day 2021 (8 cards)
  • Memorial Day 2021 (4 Cards)
  • Weekly Drops (180 collectible cards)
  • Halloween Box (14 collectible cards)
  • Advent Calendar 2021 (24 collectible cards)

The cards are available in two types of packs: Regular and Bling. The Bling Packs contain a BVU token NFT used to blend the regular cards in to Ultra Rare Bling cards (4/4) and (6/6).

You can trade, buy and sell the GIRLS OF BUNNVALE UNIVERSITY NFTs on the following WAX marketplaces:

Meet the Girls:

  • Sierra is a hot and spicy Latina who loves to party and to be the center of attention. 
  • Tamika is a beautiful but entitled princess and likes to enjoy the finer things in life.
  • Madison is a gorgeous and humble Southern Bell.
  • Erin is a free-spirited and fiery redhead. She loves nature, the arts and has a cheeky sense of humor.
  • Kimi is a quirky and bubbly bundle of fun. She loves cosplay and doesn’t take life too seriously.


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