The Bunnvale Girls

The Girls of Bunnvale University features the daily adventures of five hot college girls at the fictional Bunnvale University in California. Follow Sierra, Erin, Madison, Tamika and Kimi as they deal with daily college life, such as attending parties, hanging out at the beach and sometimes, but only sometimes, even studying in their beach house dorm rooms. Let’s introduce the girls:


Sierra is a hot and spicy Latina who loves to party and to be the center of attention. Sometimes she doesn’t know when to stop, which can lead to some embarrassing situation. However, she’s the person the guys wants to be around and the girls want to be.


Tamika is a beautiful but entitled princess and likes to enjoy the finer things in life. Shopping isn’t just her favorite hobby but a way of life for her. Anyone interested in dating Tamika, will have to be well-off and be willing to keep her happy.


Madison is a gorgeous and humble Southern Bell. But don’t be fooled by her innocent appearance. In private she’s are real pocket rocket. She comes across as a bit shy but has a tender and vivid imagination once you get to know her better. A keeper…


Erin is a free-spirited and fiery redhead. She loves nature, the arts and has a cheeky sense of humor. She will always surprise you with new flights of fancy and keep you on your tow with her unpredictable behavior. Not a boring minute with her.


Kimi is a quirky and bubbly bundle of fun. She loves cosplay and doesn’t take life too seriously. She was the black sheep and being different is more important to her than anything else.

Which one is your favorite girl?