Kaos Moon: The Mythology

A long time ago, the mountains of Siberia were ruled by clans of powerful Shamans. As the new world advanced to the last corners of the Altai Mountains, the Shamans were persecuted for heresy and treason. The Christian invaders rounded them all up in a house, burning it to the ground. But three powerful Shamans came walking out of the fire unscathed. Their bodies were untouched and they retreated to Belovodia vowing revenge. They were never heard from again and attempts at finding their mysterious hideout turned up nothing.

Modern day Manhattan. Russian-born Katja Zakkov is experiencing strange visions. By merely touching people and objects, she can see images of past events. But where did this strange ability come from? Her half-brother Jules urges her to travel back to her native country to investigate her past. Events unravel as she gets contacted by an old woman introducing herself as the spirit of a once mighty Shaman called Shrasa. Tracing back her roots, she encounters a strangely familiar wolf near her remote hometown in the mountains. She remembers this same wolf from her childhood and recalls his curious but somewhat aggressive nature. She had given it the name Varg. When she was a child it had attacked her and only the spear of a fearless Shaman had saved her life. But this time around, she’s not afraid anymore and the wolf retreats. As the flashbacks intensify, she discovers that she’s the reincarnation of an ancient, beautiful Shaman called Kaos Moon. One of the three Shamans, which survived the blaze. The other two, Shrasa and Varg, both now in altered states of existence, have been embroiled in a bitter battle over revenge.

Katja realizes that she and her alter ego Kaos Moon hold the key to the balance of the triumvirate. Shrasa will have to use all of her spiritual energy to help Katja regain control of Kaos Moon. But Varg has been nurturing his own energy supply by feeding of the lost souls of the dead. He’s stronger and more convincing than ever and wants Katja to come over to his side, the dark side of revenge. Will Katja and Kaos Moon be able to face an ever growing and powerful Varg? And how will Katja be able to deal with her past?