We’re offering the following services with over 25 years of experience in the field:

1. NFT creation and consulting:

    -Consulting on selecting a blockchain
    -Onboarding and set-up
    -Creation of the assets and minting
    -Marketing and release strategy

Fees can be negotiated in Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XTC, DOT, ADA accepted)

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2. Animation Production for brands and companies:

    -Storyboards & Character Designs
    -2D animation services
    -Compositing & FX
    -Editing and delivery

All 2D styles, from children, anime to realistic superhero styles.

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3. Corporate comic strips and comic books for companies:

    -Comicstrips for magazines and social media
    -Short stories for magazines und internal company magazines
    -Personalized stories for corporate events
    -Advertisement comic books

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4. Storyboards and Layouts for ad agencies

    -Storyboards for advertisement agencies in b/w or color
    -Layouts for print and social media campaigns
    -Event layouts for trade fairs and exhibits/ul>

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