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Official launch of the KAOS MOON: Into the Burning Circle CCG

David Boller, former artist for Marvel’s Spider-Man, DC’s Batman and Image Comics’ Witchblade has launched the NFT collectible animated card game KAOS MOON: Into the Burning Circle based on his acclaimed and Eisner-nominated comic book series of the same name on the Wax marketplace

Kaos Moon: Into the Burning Circle is an occult collectible card game. A long time ago, the mountains of Siberia were ruled by clans of powerful Shamans. Three of them. Varg, Shrasa and Kaos Moon are still alive in spirit form and are locked in a deadly battle for revenge. Their link to the real world is the Russian medium Katja Zakkov and her brother Jules. Help them defend our reality from shamans, mythological creatures and ancient gods.

“I’ve been very excited about the NFT space, since it’s one of the few areas, that puts the power back into the hands of the independent creator instead of the corporations. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible”, David explains.

He continues: “There will be 5 chapters released over the span of two months for a total of 86 cards. A rule book will be available on the website for download very soon and I believe the artwork and storyline provide an interesting alternative to exciting fantasy CCGs.”