The SAVAGE VARAN SOCIETY are zany and crazy Varans living the good life on Komodo island. Play a cool platformer with your NFTs to gain tokens and save the island from the greedy investors who wanna build a boring tourist resort on Komodo island.

Mint 3333 crazy Varan NFTs on Solana!

  • Mint your unique Varan PFPs on Solana and use them in the game.
  • Go mining, fishing, treasure hunting and partying on the island with your NFTs and Tokens and earn rewards.
  • Enjoy Savage Varan shows and cartoons directly in your gaming app and earn rewards.

Island life has never been this much fun!

Play a fun Savage Varan Game, help the Varans save the Island and earn Tokens and NFTs. The greedy banker Malcom “Butch” Buggerige is planning to build a massive resort hotel on Komodo island and wants to evicted the Varans. As a Varan yourself, help them to collect enough tokens to buy the island back and make a profit yourself.

Early look at the Savage Varan enDAPP: