The VIRTUAL COMICS SCHOOL was founded by creator David Boller to hand on his 22 years in the comic book industry. VCS is not a drawing school only, but a place where the tradition of sequential art in all its facets is being discussed. Independent of your preferred style, be it manga, superheroes, European comics or cartoons, at the VCS there is a place for you. This school is unique in the sense that there is a course for every level, including a cost-effective try-out.

David Boller’s Virtual Comics School is one of the only comic teaching programs that shows you how to create sequential art from script to the final page in an organized fashion. VCS can also assist you in seeing your work published or finding a publisher. It’s not only a school but also a creative adviser that encompasses far more than just technical proficiency. Twice a year we will also publish an anthology book with the comics of our students.


David Boller, founder of the Virtual Comic School and comics creator

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, David Boller was raised on a healthy mix of Manga, French Bandes Desinées and American superhero comics. After self-publishing a series of comic books in Europe, he decided to attended the Joe Kubert School of Graphics and Cartoon Art in Dover, New Jersey.

After graduation he worked for Marvel, DC, Acclaim, Wildstorm, Top Cow and Warp Graphics on a variety of titles such as Spider-Man, Batman, Witchblade, Magic the Gathering and Star Wars. 1996 saw the publication of his own creation KAOS MOON by Caliber Comics.

In 2008 he moved back to his native Switzerland and founded Virtual Graphics (TELL, Endless Sky, AIR) and Zampano, a webcomic-magazin. David has worked in all aspects of the comic book production during the last 20 years, from large publishers like Marvel, DC and Image to his own self-published company Virtual Graphics, as well as online publishing with Zampano-Online and Comixology. He has also lead workshops and courses in many countries like the USA, Thailand, Laos, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

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