May 2014 • ENDLESS SKY: A Swiss in New York

endless_sky_cover250In 1992 David Boller left Switzerland for the USA to become a professional comic book artist. A simple goal turned into a sixteen year long adventure, populated with eccentric characters and accompanied by success and defeat that continue to have a profound influence on his life today. David talks about his experience in the American comic book industry, how he met his wife Rachel, the daughter of a famous painter and ended up saving her life by donating one of his kidneys to her. Life still writes the most interesting stories.

A captivating autobiographic graphic novel by Swiss-American author David Boller.

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June 2014 • The last Days of Mankind

mankind_cover250100 years ago, one of the great tragedies of the twentieth century began on June 28, 1914. The assassination of the heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo set in motion a chain reaction that ended in what is today known as WWI. At the time Austrian writer Karl Kraus wrote his epic masterpiece “The last Days of Mankind”, about the sentiments during the time of the war which seems as relevant today as it was back then.

Reporting mostly from the point of view of Austrian society in Vienna, this satirical and eye-opening graphic novel teaches us one thing; In regards to war, mankind has learned absolutely nothing in 100 years.
To be released on the 100 Year anniversary of WWI!


August 2014 • In the Sect: My life in Scientology

The new graphic novel “In the Sect” tells the true story of Marion, a normal, bright young woman who by coincidence falls prey to the Church of Scientology. Marion has to work off her loan with the church in their European center in Kopenhagen under catastrophic
conditions. With a lot of courage she finally manages to escape and to take train back to Paris… Marion’s dilemma is by all means nothing out of the extraordinary but an all too common example that unfortunately only rarely makes the news these days.

Pierre Guillon and Louis Alloing tell Marion’s true and heartbreaking story with a well-
written and engaging plot and masterful and stylish artwork.


September 2014 • TELL: The Return of William Tell

tell_cover250_englSwitzerland in the near future of 2032. Years of financial crisis and war have brought the once flourishing country to the brink of collapse. One day, a gigantic creature that seems to have an uncanny resemblance to the Swiss national symbol William Tell appears in various parts of Zurich. Battling criminals and crooks, he seems to be on the side of the common people to restore law and order. The citizens see in him the long awaited savior and
patriotism awakens again.

Finally there is a hero to fight for the rights of the people. But who is this TELL? And what are his true intentions?

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October 2014 • Eventide Vol. 1: The hunted Bride

eventide_cover250_englA vampire king, born from the blood of an evil goddess, is determined to rule both the immortal and mortal worlds. The only thing that can give him the strength needed to rein both worlds is the blood of an immortal female who was hidden in the human world. A female who is said to be born of pure god blood – a female he will take as his bride.
The vampire knows of only one male who can deliver the female untouched into his hands, a soulless hunter known as Corinthian whose sister he holds captive. But when Corinthian finds the female she ignites a passion within him. Corin, the demon, recognizes her as his fated eternal mate but knows that he must turn her over to the vampire king to save his sister from the dark curse that plagues him.
A dark romantic trilogy that shows that love can seduce even the darkest of hearts into the light.


November 2014 • The Legend of William Tell

legend_tell_cover_250_englThe legend tells of the marksman William Tell and his fight against the tyrant Governor Gessler and the premise of the Swiss struggle for independence from the Habsburg Empire in the early 14th century. Included are the famous apple-shot scene as well as the showdown between Tell and Gessler in the hollow alley.

Based on the play by famous writer Friedrich Schiller, the graphic novel will closely follow its storyline and main events. This is the fist ever adaptation of the popular and well-known Swiss myth in graphic novel format and has a very strong general audience appeal.