Wall Street Journal writes about TELL!

The premiere American financial newspaper The Wall Street Journal has an interesting and entertaining article on William Tell and specifically our own superhero comic book TELL in today’s edition. The article is being published in the New York edition and may also appear in its European and Asian editions. The second volume of TELL is [...]

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Comixology to release apps by European publisher Virtual Graphics!

Beginning on June 26, 2013 Comixology is launching the first graphic novels from European publisher Virtual Graphics available for the first time in English with the title AÏR Vol.1: The Uprising. This acclaimed political two-part adventure series set in mountain region of Niger tells the exciting story of the second rising of the nomad people, [...]

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The Hildebrandt books are in!

Vamps, Tramps & Beauties has arrived in our editorial offices. Here are some impressions: The first page of the book. The covers of the regular paperback edition as well as the hardcover luxury edition. Unfortunately it’s hard to make out the fancy spot varnish that really highlights the girls and the logos. The deluxe edition [...]

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Vamps, Tramps & Beauties now in Previews UK!

The May issue of Previews has just reached the comic books stores across the UK and Vamps, Tramps & Beauties by Greg Hildebrandt is a featured item. Order your copy from your local store or from the Virtual Graphics Shop now. Deluxe editions are extremely limited so don’t miss out on it!

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VIRTUAL GRAPHICS launches OPUS artbook line in the UK!

Virtual Graphics is happy to announce the launch of it’s new imprint of art books featuring some of the most accomplished illustrators from the world of fantasy, pin-up and sci-fi genres in the UK with Greg Hildebrand’s Vamps. Tramps & Beauties. This is the first ever collection of pin-ups of acclaimed painter Greg Hildebrandt, better [...]

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